The project Health Promotion for All strives to improve health and health-related quality of life and reduce health inequalities in Slovenia.

The project Health Promotion for All aims at:

  • strengthening the public-health role of primary health care centres, i.e. their active role in preventing diseases, promoting health and reducing health inequalities among people,
  • reducing the burden of chronic diseases in children, adolescents and adults,
  • including vulnerable individuals in preventive healthcare, and
  • introducing the community approach model for health promotion and reducing health inequalities in local communities.

The project’s objectives in the 25 selected primary health care centres (and associated local communities) are to:

  • set up new structures within
  • set up Integrated HPCs which integrate healthcare and health education programmes for all population groups,
  • implement upgraded programmes for preventing and managing chronic diseases related to lifestyle, aimed at children, adolescents and adults,
  • introduce new approaches to increase the inclusion of vulnerable individuals, who have difficulties in access to preventive healthcare, and
  • set up local groups for health promotion, based on community approach model. This model assumes, that stakeholders in a local community (from health and the social sectors, educational institutions, municipalities, and non-governmental organisations) work together to improve health for all community members.

We aim to ensure a successful, high-quality and sustainable healthcare system that effectively adapts to the needs of the population and is accessible to all residents of Slovenia.