Together for the health of children and adolescents.

The building of foundations of long-term health begins even before birth and continues in the earliest years of a person’s life. Therefore, quality preventive care programmes and programmes for the promotion and protection of health of children and adolescents that are adapted to this population to the greatest extent possible are extremely important for promoting health and reducing health inequality. We updated the content and our methods of implementation in order to ensure that all children and adolescents and their parents have access to high-quality preventive healthcare services.

The following are provided to children in the 3rd and 6th grades of primary school:

  • an upgraded preventive health check-ups in which children are treated in a holistic manner,
  • the early identification of children at risk of chronic diseases related to unsuitable dietary and physical activity habits, and
  • appropriate action including informing and motivating children to actively take care of their health.

Additional diagnostics are carried out during a preventive health check on the basis of an in-depth medical history, additional measurements, additional questionnaires and data from sport education records. The data gathered facilitate the individual clinical assessment of nutritional and physical activity status of children and adolescents.

The purpose of preventive health checks of children is the early detection of risk factors and preventing the development of non-communicable diseases. On the basis of identified risk factors the selected school doctor refers a child to a paediatrician for additional individual examination, at which the child is accompanied by parents.

More on the content and organisation of the preventive healthcare of preschool and school children and adolescents can be found HERE.